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Smart AI mod Beta V2 online

Date: 2014-03-09

This is an AI upgrade in their behaviour, doesn't change the game mechanics, and doesn't change any database variable to do so. AI use their knowledge based on what they see and know and perform moves much like a human would do. The goal of this patch is to make the AI perform better, respecting how AI works.

V2 version treat some economic-related issues, on next version I will refine the economic department, unit build priorities and focus on diplomacy issues.

This mod replaces BNW Core Assembly (Dll), any other mod that also edits the core dll would be incompatible with it. All lua and/or database mods should work with this mod without problems.

This mod is in beta stage, should be stable anyways. I strongly encourage people to give feedback on how the mod really works, and any crash that may occur.

Full Game Balance Mod released

Date: 2014-02-12

The premise is simple: balance as much as possible maintaining the game as intact as possible.

Supports English, Spanish and Italian languages.

This is a brief explanation of all the changes:

Vanilla Natural Wonders Boosted, Less Warmonger Hate, Early economy aid, No AI free techs and much less starting units, Some science changes, Great Ingeneer and Merchant improvement boosts, Windmill worthy, Worst World Wonders Boosted, Some beliefs buffs, Siege more effective, Social policies balance, Less powered cities, Soften ranged units, Air minor changes, AI Policy balance

More details at this forum posts:

Less Warmonger Hate Published

Date: 2013-11-07

Warmongering break up relationships quite hard with a few conquests, and the decay per turn is barely noticeable. This mod makes warmonger penalties more manageable.

Conquering cities give 40% less warmonger penalty.

Warmonger penalty decay per turn is increased 40%.

Denunciations, City Liberations and Capital Captures wheight 30% less in leader's oppinion.