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Balance 1.1 hard mode patch released

Date: 2013-08-20

Finally I added the hard mode patch. This patch boost enemies damage and hit points in an uniform way.

Why I have done it this way? Basically is the easiest way to mantain a hard mode patch if I make newer releases of the balance patch. This patch is just 5 minutes of extra work preparing the IPS patches and all.

Maybe on the future I make a more in-depth patch with new mechanics and everything, but a "harder" mode was demanded even I am not very fond of excessive challengue.

On my playtesting, I must say one of the easiest bosses in the original game give me a nasty surprise.

Balance 1.1 patch released

Date: 2013-08-19

After near one month of hard work on my free time, I have updated my balance patch to an upgraded version.

A new mechanic were added, that is the boy must have at lease 100% weapon charge to cast spells.

Other changes like upgraded moss magic damage, minor stat sweaks and a minor overhaul of achemy has been done.

I have tweaked monters on the latter part of the game to make the exprecience a bit refreshing.

Lastly I may add I also discovered and repaired a few minor bugs caused by my previous mechanics, and also removed most of the existing exploits and some already existing bugs.

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with the results, thanks to MrJojo and Assasin19 on GameFAQs for the support during this patch building.